What Are The Best Areas Of Edinburgh To Live In?

What is the most expensive street in Edinburgh?

Regent Terrace in Edinburgh is Scotland’s most expensive street, according to new research.

A home in the luxury address, with city views protected by a skyline policy, has an average price of £1.75m.

That means it knocks Golf Place in St Andrews off the top spot after three years..

Is Gorgie Edinburgh a nice area?

Gorgie and Dalry Quirky elements like the Gorgie City Farm help give the area a family-friendly vibe, and easy access into the city centre makes it popular with young professionals.

What to know before moving to Edinburgh?

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to EdinburghLiving in Edinburgh isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.2. … … You’ll start drinking too much.You’ll regret not spending more time travelling around Scotland.You’ll end up realizing Scotland does so many things better than your home country.You’ll end up wanting to stay for, like, ever.More items…•Jan 18, 2020

What is the coldest month in Edinburgh?

JanuaryThe coldest months of the year are January and February, with average lows of 33.8°F (1°C) and highs that rarely exceed 44.6°F (7°C).

What is the most dangerous city in Scotland?

Glasgow City’sGlasgow City’s crime rates for 2019-2020 are the highest in Scotland, new figures reveal. 81,854 crimes and offences were recorded in Glasgow City, the highest total in Scotland, while the City of Edinburgh recorded 52,081 crimes in second and North Lanarkshire recorded 34,850 crimes.

What is that smell in Edinburgh?

When you look at Edinburgh’s foul-smelling history, it seems fitting that the city is home to the world’s stinkiest plant. Also known as the “New Reekie” for how terrible it smells, the Amorphophallus Titanum has bloomed at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens three times.

What should I not miss in Edinburgh?

8 Can’t-Miss Things to Do in EdinburghEdinburgh Castle. You literally cannot miss this famous site (shown above.) … Royal Mile. … Arthur’s Seat. … Scotch Whisky Experience. … A ghost tour. … The Elephant House. … Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness. … St.Mar 17, 2015

Is Edinburgh rich?

Edinburgh is the second cash richest city in the UK, with £16.9 billion in business bank accounts across the Scottish capital, according to new research. Joining Edinburgh and London in the top five richest cities are York, Manchester and Birmingham. …

What is the average rent in Edinburgh?

Cost of living Edinburgh is an expensive city by UK standards but not when we compare it to the capital London. Average rents for a 1 bedroom apartment stand at around $810pcm. For a large 3 bedroom apartment expect to pay around $1,240 a month.

What is a good salary in Edinburgh?

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM SALARY Average salary in Edinburgh is GBP 40,277. Average take home earning is GBP 29,389 (Net). The most typical salary is GBP 33,535 (Gross).

What are the bad areas of Edinburgh?

These are the most deprived areas in Edinburgh.Great Junction Street. Topping the list of most deprived areas in Edinburgh is Great Junction Street in Leith. … Moredun and Craigour. Next on the list is Moredun and Craigour. … Bingham, Magdalene and The Christians. … Muirhouse.Jan 29, 2020

What is the posh part of Edinburgh?

Bruntsfield1. Bruntsfield/Morningside. This attractive leafy neighborhood is one of the most affluent in Edinburgh.

Is it expensive to live in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is quite an expensive city to live in by UK standards but not as expensive as London. Comparing it with major cities worldwide, it is quite a reasonably priced city.

Is Edinburgh safe at night?

Edinburgh is one of the safest cities in the UK. The New Town is ridiculously safe IMO, well lit, always people around. … I’d walk through the main streets of Edinburgh alone late at night but I wouldn’t walk through parks or badly lit areas alone. Personally I’ve never felt particularly unsafe here.

Where should I not live in Edinburgh?

The areas of greatest deprivation and high crime are Niddrie, Pilton, Granton, Leith and Muirhouse. But because Edinburgh is a very small city, these areas exist cheek by jowl.

Is Edinburgh a safe place to live?

Edinburgh has been deemed the safest city in the UK, according to new research. Nearly 90 per cent of people in the Scottish capital feel safe, with just 16 per cent experiencing crime.

What do you call a person from Edinburgh?

“A person from Edinburgh, Scotland, is an Edinburgher.” … If you are from Edinburgh you are a Scot which makes you Scottish or one of the Scots.

Is it nice to live in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is an incredibly livable city; it has all the fundamental elements of a major city, including world-class events, international restaurants, and lively nightlife, all within a compact, walkable space. … There’s plenty of parks and green spaces, and you can find walking and hiking trails throughout the city.